Perhaps the best looking and most durable of all roof coverings, slate’s resilient and long-lasting qualities mean it’s also an environmentally friendly choice. Available in a range of stylish hues, it’s also guaranteed to retain it's strength and lustre, largely due to the it's extremely low water absorption index of just 0.4% and the material’s resistance to frost damage and breakage from freezing. What's more, Slate is also one of the most fire resistant materials in existence, meaning it’s an incredibly safe, sensible option. 

Though we use the finest quality slate, built to last for centuries, even the hardiest materials can eventually suffer some damage. If damage occurs, it’s imperative to get repairs done as soon as possible. This is due to potential water leakage and possible damage of wooden timbers, as well as loose tiles being a potential hazard if they fall from the roof altogether.  


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